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The Game

Altraria is a fantasy role play game that will take you on a journey through a fantastical world that is brimming with adventure, magic, tragedy, romance and so much more.
Blending elements of turn-based combat, open world exploration and a deep character ability customization, Altraria feels both familiar and unique.
Set in a magical medieval-esque setting you will be able to customize your character to better fit the role that you like best; be either a stalwart Warrior that is not afraid of direct confrontation and overwhelms his opponents with raw strenght or a more strategic Wizard that combines powerful magic with precise timing or even a dark Reaper that destroys his adversaries with profane death magic and forbiden curses and more!

An Episodic Tale

Altraria is comprised of 6 different episodes that seek to tell a story.
Each episode is a game on it's own but it is highly recommended that you play through each episode in chronological order so that you may better understand the events depicted in the story as well as having a fluid character progression throughout the entire saga.
This means that you will be able to customize and develop your character since the first episode and continue proggressing in the following episodes in a seamless way.
It's like watching a tv show that has many episodes: you expect the next episode to follow up on how things were in the previous episode, right?
It is the same with Altraria.
In the first episode you will create your character and choose a class fantasy that better suits your favorite theme. From then on you will begin your adventure.
From completing quests to fighting enemies and for overall doing most activities in Altraria you will be rewarded experience that will settle the proggression, and strenght in a way, of your character.
This will allow you to advance your character further enabling you to take on greater challenges that will bring you fame and glory! And some loot.

Important Notice

Altraria is currently under active development and as such it is expected that the game will evolve in the near future.
The available file corresponds to the first playable demo that we are releasing (there is a second demo planned and scheduled to be released soon) and its 2 main objectives are to provide the developers with feedback regarding game mechanics and/or misc aesthetic flaws; and to let people know about Altraria.
We ask you to take in consideration that this is a work in progress and that accurate and to the point constructive feedback is the intended goal of this first demo release.

You can find a link below to a quick questionnaire about how you felt about playing the demo. It'll take just a couple of minutes and will help us greatly into making Altraria a better game. Thank you!

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